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CD Kings of Metal MMXIV (Silver Edition)

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Product Description

MANOWAR’s ‘Kings of Metal MMXIV’ is a completely new recording, celebrating the 25th anniversary of their iconic 1988 album ‘Kings Of Metal’ and their following world tour. 

The Kings Of Metal MMXIV’ Silver Edition CD is featuring 2 discs and two 24-page booklets.

While staying true to the original, ‘Kings Of Metal MMXIV’ captures the listener with new arrangements and other new elements, stellar vocal performances by Eric Adams, powerful drums by Donnie Hamzik, a searing new guitar sound by virtuoso Karl Logan and a new record-breaking performance of the bass solo “The Sting Of The Bumblebee MMXIV”, played at 300 beats per minute by Joey DeMaio.


Kings Of Metal MMXIV Track List:

Disc 1

Hail And Kill MMXIV

Kings Of Metal MMXIV

The Heart Of Steel MMXIV (Acoustic Intro Version)

A Warrior's Prayer MMXIV

The Blood Of The Kings MMXIV

Thy Kingdom Come MMXIV

The Sting Of The Bumblebee MMXIV

Thy Crown And Thy Ring MMXIV (Orchestral Version)

On Wheels Of Fire MMXIV


Bonus Disc 1:

Thy Crown and Thy Ring MMXIV (Metal Version)

The Heart Of Steel MMXIV (Guitar Instrumental)


Disc 2:

Hail And Kill MMXIV (Instrumental)

Kings Of Metal MMXIV (Instrumental)

The Heart Of Steel MMXIV (Orchestral Intro Version - Instrumental)

The Blood Of The Kings MMXIV (Instrumental)

Thy Kingdom Come MMXIV (Instrumental)

Thy Crown and Thy Ring MMXIV (Orchestral Version - Instrumental)

On Wheels of Fire MMXIV (Instrumental)

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Product Reviews

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  1. An epic re-release for an epic album

    Posted by Stephen on 25th Jun 2019

    As with Battle Hymns, Manowar has provided an updated re-release, remixing an album that was, without a doubt, edging into the realm of perfection. Rather than simply re-recording the tracks, they re-imagined them for a new generation of technology, taking advantage of new recording technology and new playback technology to create an epic addition to the Manowar library. Owning the original Kings of Metal in no way eliminates the need to own this stellar release... owning both is the only way to experience to full Manowar experience that proclaims them as the true Kings of Metal.

  2. awsome concept

    Posted by william white on 16th May 2017

    I haven't always been a big fan of albums that have been redone for the reason that the original just had that special sound that you got use to over the years. I will say that this is a great album that has been recorded again in a way that brings new life and energy to the album. The two cd's and the two booklets are a plus. I don't think I have seen that before. this is a must for any manowar fan.

  3. The Best Album Ever

    Posted by Alexandre "Ripper" on 21st Mar 2016

    Yes, it is! The Best Album Ever! from one of the Best representatives of true metal. Kings of Metal is a master piece, lyrics and melody in perfect harmony... to hear as a Manowar fan, louder than hell!

  4. Manowarrior for life

    Posted by Jeremy Shearer on 18th Apr 2015

    This cd was amazing but what would you expect from the greatest band in the Universe

  5. kings of metal 2 cd

    Posted by cesare vallesi australia on 2nd Jan 2015

    really like this 2 cd set a lot of different versions here thank u manowar --please do more

  6. Still The "Kings of Metal!!!!!"

    Posted by DarkCrow Nahsuareo on 9th Dec 2014

    To me as a fan of MANOWAR, this album showed they have grown as musicians as well as individuals. Each member has put in their own time to re-create a sound that was made over two decades ago and take to the next level in sound and in art. The instruments have a crisp sound that makes it even more defined by every note they play. The vocals have a more clean sound, yet still maintain that raw and ferocious feel to its own self. I recommend this album to anyone that is a MANOWAR fan and those that have a love for metal in general, along with those starting to get into Metal music, this would be one the of albums to listen to when getting the feel for "True Metal" music. \M/>-<\M/

  7. still reigning

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2014

    The Kings of Metal have put together a great value package! from the artwork to the sound it is all 10/10 All hail Manowar!

  8. Reprinted by permission from www.metal-rules.com

    Posted by JP (Mnaging Editor, www.metal-rules.com on 21st Apr 2014

    Manowar is one of the longest running, most successful, most influential, most popular Metal bands of all time. The multiple Guinness World Record holding band can do no wrong. Never a band to rest on it’s past glory or accomplishments, the band are always moving forward. However they also are not afraid to acknowledge the past and celebrate certain milestones on a long and admirable career. This is one such rare and special occasion, as the band celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the release of their ground-breaking sixth album, KINGS OF METAL.

    The packaging is extremely well done. The double disc set is housed in one of those double jewel cases. The new album artwork is done by long-time Manowar artist of choice Ken Kelly, but also equally impressive is the art and design inside by up and coming artist Jan Yrlund who has worked with Korpiklaani, Tyr and many others. KINGS OF METAL MMXIV includes not one but two booklets! This is a first. I have thousands of albums and I have never seen a CD set with two booklets. Another Manowar first!

    Booklet One is for the Kings Of Metal MMXIV. The full-colour 22-page booklet includes the new cover art lyrics, notes and a dozen photos of the band and studio shots of the band re-recording the immortal album. I love the new cover it pays homage to the original but updates it. In the booklet, esteemed journalist Dom Lawson writes an introductory and flattering essay, in which truer words were never spoke. In the centerpiece of the booklet there are hundreds of photos of the Warriors of The World, those who helped rise the band to the lofty position of Kings Of Metal.

    Booklet Two is pays tribute to the original KINGS OF METAL album. Once again, it has 22-pages, full colour with all sorts of treats for the faithful. There three dozen photos all sorts, shots of the band recording the original album, sketches, notes, shots of original lyric sheets, a treasure trove of Manowar memorabilia. There are no less than seven messages, notes and mini essays from the band and related personnel. There is an inspirational message from the band as a whole. Joey and Eric each have a message that is both humble and inspirational at the same time. Never ones to forget the warriors who helped them become the undisputed Kings Of Metal, the band included messages from Rich Breen (Producer), Paul Clark (former Tour Manager), and John ‘Dawk’ Stillwell, the bands long-time gear maestro. The final message is a fitting tribute and farewell to deceased Manowar drummer Scott Columbus, penned by Joey DeMaio with a nice photo of Scott in action, doing what he did best, pounding the hell out of the Drums of Doom.

    For the wimps and posers who say that re-recorded albums are just a rip-off can leave the hall. KINGS OF METAL MMXIV is significantly different in many, many aspects and for the price is a real value. Back in 1988, Manowar was the first Metal band to record an album with full digital equipment. They brought in a 100 person male choir to the studio in Chicago. However, even with some of the best producers and engineers in the field it was still hard to harness the primitive (at the time) digital technology. The choir sounded thin and in his book THE COLLECTORS GUIDE TO HEAVY METAL, Martin Popoff said the digital recording, “….sounding all clattering and noisy, little in the way of full-range or bottom end muscle…”. He continues to call it ‘…an uninviting and clanky mix.” (p. 268). I didn’t think it was that bad myself, but this new re-recording is simply superb. The band and crew have had many years to perfect their recording skills and with the new technology available this album sounds magnificent. The highs are higher, the lows are lower and everything just sounds louder and better. The acoustic guitars are clearer and the 100-person choir, now sounds like a bombastic hundred person choir! Eric’s voice is stronger than ever and true fans will delight in the subtle differences in his delivery of the inspiring lyrics. Karl and Donnie also add their own little flourishes adding new exciting parts while retaining the spirit of the original compositions.

    Not only has the sound been improved there are many, many little differences in the album. I won’t list them all here but things have changed to give new life to the iconic collection of epic songs. There are differences in the lyrics, in places here and there. Just little touches, for example in the mid-section of ‘The Blood Of The Kings MMXIV’ the band now add a stanza sending mighty hails to even MORE nations, a dozen more, including my own of Canada, which nice to see us get included. One immediately noticeable change is the narration on ‘A Warrior’s Prayer’ which now has the ‘call and answer’ section and more importantly the narration is done by Brian Blessed whose majestic delivery and tone reminds me a bit of Patrick Stewart. Joey Demaio’s bass solo, ‘The Sting Of The Bumblebee MMXIV’ is faster than ever before! ‘Heart Of Steel MMXIV’ has a new extended acoustic introduction and ‘The Crown And The Ring MMXIV’ is now the orchestral version. The band has also changed the sequence of the songs as well adding a new dimension to the running order. There are many of other little musical, sonic and lyrical changes that true Metal fans will recognize as being different, and even superior, but I will not spoil them all here.

    As if you needed a reason to buy KINGS OF METAL MMXIV, in addition to all these brave, ambitious changes and improvements, the band still has more to offer! There are no less than nine bonus tracks running over 45 minutes! There are any number of different versions included for our enjoyment. There are instrumental versions, orchestral versions and a ‘Metal Version’ of ‘The Crown And The Ring’. All told the album now runs well over an hour and half.

    It takes true Metal balls of steel to even attempt to improve on perfection, namely, the original version of KINGS OF METAL. Tackling the re-recording of such an iconic and immortal album must have been a daunting task, but one that Manowar was more than capable of facing. As one of my favourite albums of all time it felt it would be hard to improve upon perfection but the band somehow did it. So in tribute to the power and glory of Manowar and the majestic triumph that is KINGS OF METAL MMXIV, we at Metal-Rules have, for the first time in almost 10,000 album reviews, awarded the album an unprecedented six out of five. Hail and Kill.

  9. Kings of Metal

    Posted by Weirwolfe on 20th Apr 2014

    An excellent re-imagining of the classic Kings of Metal album. I think this version benefits from the performances of all the members of Manowar as they stand in 2014. The guitar work is excellent from Joey and Karl, Donnie sticks close to the template laid down by Scott while adding his own subtle nuances. Eric is as formidable as ever, surely one of Metal's finest voices. Even Brian Blessed is an awesome addition. A bonus disc of instrumentals is ok but I think I would have preferred some additional re recordings of further Manowar classics. Hatred and Bridge of Death anyone? All in all a worthy addition to any self respecting Manowarriors collection. Hail the Lords of Steel.

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