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CD The Lord Of Steel

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Product Description

Product Highlights: 11 blazing MANOWAR songs, new cover art by fantasy icon Ken Kelly, 24-page color booklet, unique new mixes and masters

About The Lord Of Steel:

The Lord Of Steel, MANOWAR’s twelfth studio album, is blazing with pure power, untamed energy, and a sound as raw and wild as a force of nature. Track titles like Annihilation and Hail, Kill And Die set the tone for a record that is packed with surprises.

The Lord Of Steel features different mixes and mastering compared to the limited 'Hammer Edition', an additional new song - ‘The Kingdom Of Steel’ - and a 24-page booklet. The cover features a brand new epic illustration by fantasy icon Ken Kelly; outstanding not only in its overall might, but also through its unparalleled richness of detail.

“MANOWAR have always dared to do things differently. You have to look at these two versions like a movie that comes out in alternate versions; a Director’s Cut or alternate endings...” explained bassist Joey DeMaio.

Described by the press as “a brutal and unstoppable force of molten metal” and “flawlessly heavy” The Lord Of Steel is a raw-to-the-bone production, merging vintage elements with the trademark sound MANOWAR have developed over the years.

For this album MANOWAR have tapped into the world of action heroes and their stories, and have written their first song specifically for a Hollywood movie, ‘El Gringo’ and another one, ‘Expendable’, inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s action movie franchise ‘The Expendables’.

From the furious title track and the pumping ‘Black List’, to the power ballad ‘The Kingdom Of Steel’ and the Ennio Morricone homage ‘El Gringo’ - The Lord Of Steel is full of surprises.

11 tracks full of the power and glory of MANOWAR!
The Lord Of Steel – Track List:
01. The Lord Of Steel

02. Manowarriors

03. Born In A Grave

04. Righteous Glory

05. Touch The Sky 

06. Black List 

07. Expendable

08. El Gringo

09. Annihilation

10. Hail Kill And Die
11. The Kingdom Of Steel

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Product Reviews

  1. Tunes fit for Odin

    Posted by Gordon Walters on 3rd Aug 2016

    The cd came faster then I expected.The quality was excellent. Manowar has an immortal quality about them they don't go stale.

  2. Great album

    Posted by Adolfo on 2nd Mar 2015

    The Lord of Steel is a great album, I don't think the best of Manowar's career but it has the essence and spirit of Manowar in each song and riffs. Simple but magnific. My favorites are The Lord of Steel and Touch the Sky

  3. A decent effort.

    Posted by Daniel M on 16th Jul 2014

    There's a trap that people fall into when trying to determine the quality of one of their favourite band's new albums. They tend to simply compare the new album to those that have preceded it and think that thereby they can determine the quality of the band's latest offering. This isn't the way it should be done. An album should be considered in its own right and should be judged on its own merits, or lack thereof. When The Lord Of Steel is judged on its own merit rather than on how it compares to Kings Of Metal or Triumph Of Steel it's pretty obvious to me that we have a decent Manowar offering on our hands. Highlight tracks for me on this album are Born In A Grave, Righteous Glory and El Gringo. The rest of the album is solid and there are no songs that strike me as truly terrible. One thing I really don't like about this album however is that there were 2 versions of it released, the retail version and then the "Hammer Edition". This is just silly and seems like a money grabbing scheme to me, as dedicated fans are going to feel like they must have both versions and thus will have to buy the album twice. I'd like it a lot if Manowar would refrain from this kind of thing in future. So to conclude, this album is worth having for any Manowar fan or even any fans of heavy metal in general. Be fair and give it more than one listen if it doesn't grab you the first time around, and pay attention to which version you're listening to. The "Hammer Edition" supposedly has a dirty bass sound that a lot of people don't like, but this is corrected on the retail version.

  4. a must have for Manowar fans

    Posted by Corey Graham on 4th Jul 2014

    AWESOME is the only word that comes to mind!!

  5. Quite a bit different from Hammer edition !

    Posted by Fort Knox on 30th Jun 2014

    Since I already have the Hammer edition digital download, the main reason I bought this CD was for the cover artwork and the bonus track "Kingdom of Steel"

    However, I was quite surprised by how different each song mix is compared to the Hammer edition. There are many new screams, guitar solos, and other arrangements.

    Very pleased with this CD. The Lord of Steel has slowly become one of my favorite Manowar albums.

  6. It's Different....

    Posted by Michael Duke on 18th Apr 2014

    When this album was released, I went back and forth about purchasing it. After listening to Manowar play "The Lord of Steel" song live in Pomona, CA, my decision was made. When I received the CD, I imported into iTunes (I am one of those that requires the CD and not just the digital download) and played the album during the full eight hours I was at work. I recognized immediately that this album was different than any other Manowar album I have heard. The songwriting is top notch and is what I expect of a Manowar album. The sound of the album, however, has a sound that reminds me of chiptunes. In fact, the guitar solo in "Born in the Grave" takes me back to my early days playing the Castlevania games on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which I used to play while listening to Manowar on the old stereo. With that in mind, this sound is what really appeals to me. I have read less than favorable reviews about this album, but I am glad that I bought it. I really like this album, the songs are outstanding. I gave it five stars because this album is all that I have been able to listen to since it came in the mail about a month ago, which is my indication that an album is extremely good. I HIGHLY recommend this album.

  7. Excellent

    Posted by Julian Jimenez on 4th Feb 2014

    Excellent album, Highly recommended

  8. another great album.

    Posted by jay (the knife guy) on 21st Jan 2014

    i love this album. it is nice to know that in this world you can still rely on something and someone to not let you down. hail brothers

  9. The kings of metal are back!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Nov 2013

    The lord of steel combines elements from classics like: "Hail to England" or "Louder Than Hell", but with the technology of "Thunder In The Sky".
    Tracks like "Born In A Grave", "Black List" and "The Kingdom Of Steel" remind us the MANOWAR golden years.
    From slowly ballads ("Righteous Glory", The Kingdom Of Steel") to heavy aggressive tracks (The Lord Of Steel, Annihilation), you will feel like a viking at the heart of the battle.

    Time to face the lord of steel!

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