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CD Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition

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Product Description

Fully remastered 10th Anniversary Edition of Warriors Of The World.

This brand new edition of the best selling album includes a previously unreleased live version of House Of Death, recorded in Birmingham, England during the Battle Hymns 2011 Tour, celebrating MANOWAR's triumphant return to the UK after 16 years of absence. Experience Warriors Of The World like never before. Warriors Of The World, unite!

Track Listing

1. Call To Arms

2. The Fight For Freedom

3. Nessun Dorma

4. Valhalla

5. Swords In The Wind

6. An American Trilogy

7. The March

8. Warriors Of The World United

9. Hand Of Doom

10. House Of Death

11. Fight Until We Die

Bonus Track

12. House Of Death Live at O2 Academy, Birmingham, England 03/27/2011


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Product Reviews

  1. Another solid Manowar album, with a couple of surprises.

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2014

    Firstly let's talk about the remastering job done here and get that out of the way. It's decent. I guess some felt the original was a little too quiet, if so then that is definitely corrected here, but not to the point where the mix is too loud and unlistenable. My non-audiophile's ear wasn't able to detect any audible distortion due to digital clipping, and if you have no fucking clue what I'm talking about here then don't worry, you don't need to. You will like this remaster.

    This album opens with one of my all time favourite Manowar songs: Call To Arms. And that's really what it feels like too. Whatever hardships or inner demons you're facing in life it feels like Manowar is issuing a call to arms for you to get up, dust yourself off and fight! "Fight all together as one for the right/ To be free once again!". The song has a special meaning for me and has helped me fight back when life seems too much.

    This album has faced some unfair criticism due to the fact that the songs aren't all Manowar originals. There are 2 cover tracks, Nessun Dorma and An American Trilogy. But don't let this put you off whatever you do because these 2 covers are phenomenal. Eric's rendition of Nessun Dorma is so fucking powerful and straight from the heart. I heard that it was a tribute to his mother who had recently died at the time. If so that explains why there's such feeling in his delivery of this song. I love it.

    An American Trilogy likewise will blow you away. You don't need to be American or patriotic to feel the power of this song, just listen and you can't help be moved. There are some idiots who will say these songs shouldn't be sung because they're associated with the Confederacy or whatever, but they're full of shit. The medley doesn't have to be associated with American slavery, religion or jingoism unless you want it to be, which is NOT Manowar's intention. This will be obvious for any thinking person, but for the intellectual lightweights who need everything spelled out for them Manowar are simply covering a classic American folk medley, not endorsing anything that others in the past may have associated those songs with. Grow a brain.

    Warriors Of The World United is an obvious classic which has basically become one of those songs in Manowar's repertoire that they must perform at every show without fail otherwise the fans will riot, but there are other great tracks on this album that I feel probably get over looked. Swords In The Wind, Hand Of Doom and House Of Death are all stand out songs for me. The other tracks are great too but these ones are just that little bit more special to me. The Fight For Freedom is also a nice little sing along anthem which makes me wonder if it has been included much in live shows.

    To sum up this is a good solid Manowar album that gave us some absolute classics as well as a few other memorable metal songs and a couple of unexpected surprises. Don't believe those bad-mouthing this album. Get it and listen to it for yourself. I'm sure you'll agree that while it isn't Manowar's greatest album ever it sure isn't a stinker either. Far from it. You've been issued with a call to arms, now go buy this album and join the battle! My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

  2. Epic & With No Compromise

    Posted by -Fatal- on 28th Sep 2013

    This record is epic. The remastered sound is absolutly perfect and wonderous. It's a perfectly polished gem on the crown of the Metal Kings, and now, every Warrior Of The World can savor it in it's most glorious version. Definitly worth owning, weither you have the original or not.

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