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DVD Double The Day The Earth Shook - The Absolute Power

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Product Description

On July 21-23 of 2005, MANOWAR hosted the first ever MANOWAR Mega Fan Convention, culminating in a stellar performance as headlining act for the Earthshaker Fest 2005 in Germany.
This massive combination of events saw three days of true heavy metal fans and festivities, all of which was captured on 27 cameras in High Definition.

Now prepare to be wowed by the sheer power and passion of MANOWAR and the greatest fans in the world with this double DVD entitled "The Day The Earth Shook - The Absolute Power" This special package features almost 7 hours of exclusive footage including MANOWAR's two-hour-plus performance and one of the greatest moments in heavy metal history as the band performs their classic "Battle Hymn" as a finale with an once-in-a-lifetime line-up of band members past and present.

The camera also ventures inside the MANOWAR Mega Fan Convention and reveals the true love and devotion MANOWAR fans feel toward the Kings Of Metal. The DVD also features exclusive interviews with band members, convention organizers and the director, Neil Johnson, who was also at the helm of the last MANOWAR DVD release, Hell on Earth Part IV.




01 - The Ascension

02 - Manowar

03 - Brothers Of Metal

04 - Call To Arms

05 - Sun Of Death

06 - Kings Of Metal

07 - Sign Of The Hammer

08 - Screams Of Blood

09 - Blood Of My Enemies

10 - Kill With Power

11 - Thiump Of Steel Era Introduction

12 - Metal Warriors

13 - The Glory Of Achilles

14 - Battle Hymns Era Introduction

15 - Metal Daze

16 - Dark Avenger

17 - Outlaw

18 - House Of Death

19 - Herz Aus Stahl

20 - Wagner Tribute

21 - Prelude To Act III From Lohengrin

22 - King Of Kings

23 - Hell On Wheels

24 - Warriors Of The World United

25 - Hail And Kill

26 - Black Wind, Fire And Steel

27 - Battle Hymn

28 - The Crown And The Ring

29 - Credits

Historical Moments

30 - Bass Solo

31 - Rainer's Award

32 - Sound Check

33 - Strohofer Family Tribute

34 - Chopper Competition

35 - Tour Dates




01 - Introduction

02 - The Beginning

03 - New York Rehearlsals

04 - Orchestra & Choir Rehearsals

05 - The House Of Death

06 - Lighting

07 - The PA

08 - Sound Check

09 - Filming in HD

10 - Conclusion

11 – Credits

MANOWAR Fan Convention - The Extended Experience

01 - Introduction

02 - Fan Club History

03 - Fan Convention Story

04 - The Doors Open

05 - Opening Ceremonies

06 - Jomsvikings

07 - Greeting Brothers

08 - The Face Of Destiny

09 - Revange

10 - Fallen Brothers

11- Fortitude

12 - Women On Stage

13 - There Can Be Only One

14 - Battle

15 - Special Guests

16 - Past Members

17 - The Kings Of Metal

18 - Horses Of Steel

19 - Ross The Boss Guitar Clinic

20 - David Shankle Guitar Clinic

21 - Karl Logan Guitar Clinic

22 - Eric Adams Meet And Greet

23 - Scott Columbus Drum Clinic

24 - Voice Of The Immortals

25 - Arm Wrestling Competition

26 - Eric Adams’ Scream Competition

27 - Beer Drinking Joey Style

28 - MANOWAR Q & A

29 - MANOWAR Sound Check

30 - Miss MANOWAR

31 - Confessionals

32 - Credits


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Product Reviews

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  1. Hours of enjoyment for any Metal Fan

    Posted by Joe on 13th Apr 2018

    This DVD is very entertaining, tons of fun for any fan of metal to enjoy, let alone Manowarriors

    Hail and Kill! =T=

  2. So Amazing It Rocks and Rules!!!

    Posted by Dark Avenger on 21st Sep 2017

    This definitely isnt for gutless posers. I have watched this dvd at least 10 times. They performance of all prior Manowar members & current will blow you away. The orchestra, the monster stage and sound production...Magnificent!!!! Damn how many concert dvds have you watched in all honesty could you say was truly better???

    From Blood of my Enemies, Death Tone, Hail and & Kill, .... & the epic Battle Hymns.

    Kill with Power !!! Not for the weak of heart..

    Brought to you by those who hate false metal &


  3. Must have for Metal Heads

    Posted by Guido on 11th Nov 2016

    This Concert DVD is a true collector item for Metal heads. It includes all former and current band members.
    MANOWAR at their best!!!

  4. Majestic!

    Posted by Riccardo on 12th Mar 2015

    Real f****g Heavy Metal (f**k Wagner relatives). Powerfull, the band is at its best

  5. Awesome show but it should be re-filmed in Blu Ray

    Posted by Adolfo on 2nd Mar 2015

    The best show of Manowar's career !!! great songs and extras. I've searched this DVD for years and finally I have it, but I'd like it should be re-filmed in Blu-Ray

  6. Best show ever

    Posted by Alex on 4th Jan 2015

    This is probably Manowar's best show to date, and this DVD captures it spectacularly. A true must for every Manowar fan.

  7. A must have item! Manowar-Heavy-Metal behind the limit!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Dec 2014

    Real absolute power!

  8. Superb DVD from Manowar

    Posted by Franky Vansteelandt - Belgium on 29th Mar 2014

    Delivered In Excellent Condition

    Impressive & Mighty Show From The Kings Of Metal. A 'Must Have' For Everyone Who Loves Manowar.


    Posted by Cymru devourer on 21st Jan 2014

    Outstanding performance from one of the worlds best metal acts. The power and glory of metals purest warriors has been captured with awe inspiring results. If you love Manowar buy this dvd now. If you don’t love manowar buy it anyway. If it doesn't impress you. Your dead inside.

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