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Long Sleeve Live One Day As An Eagle

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Product Description

This long sleeve shirt is ideal for cooler weather and a must-have for any Manowarrior’s collection. 

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Product Reviews

  1. ONE DAY AS AN EAGLE!!!! =T=

    Posted by Metallena on 3rd Jan 2014

    The Kingdom Of Steel sells nothing but the finest of products and this long sleeve tee shirt is not an exception!!!! (With this tee, I now own 45 ManOwaR tee's! Some of my tee's are 25 years old & some are even older(Bought my first from The Army Of Immortals!), but they're ALL STILL in great shape! (They're ALL in GREAT shape just as they were the day that I purchased them!!!!) I DO take EXTRA care when laundering them, but I'm sure that yours will last for years to come as well even IF you're NOT as careful and as anal (Haha--HAIL) as I am when it comes to MY ManOwaR BATTLE GEAR!!!!) I wear a different ManOwaR tee EVERY SINGLE DAY, but sometimes the POSERS out there do NOT seem to think that my ManOwaR tee's are appropriate to wear EVERYWHERE! (To them I say "F*CK YOU"!!!! But yes, this particular tee CAN BE worn ANYWHERE!!!! I wear ANY ManOwaR tee that I please to wear ANYWAY, but this one's a little more "delicate" and says it ALL!!!! =T= I wear it PROUDLY just as I do the other 44 tees!!!! =T= THANK YOU, ManOwaR!
    Thank you for 32 YEARS of THEEEE LOUDEST & TRUEST & HEAVIEST & MOST EPIC MUSIC that one could ever ask for!!!! (Your music has gotten me through ALL of life's BATTLES!!!! Thanks for the great products that The Kingdom Of Steel has to offer us as well!!!! =T=
    HAIL from The U.S.A.!!!!

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